Introduction to validating startup ideas with a landing page

Landing Pages

What are we building?
The smallest test to start validating any business idea is probably much more minimal than you think.

In this series, I want to show you a way to validate a random business idea using lean startup principles and entirely based on Buffer and inspired by the series of posts called Building Buffer.
The idea we’ll be using here is a social analytics tracker, but you could literally have any idea that we’re going to test in four steps: 
  1. Create the value proposition page
  2.  Create the pricing page & lead form
  3.  Promote the idea & track visitors
  4.  Build an actual MVP and see if anyone pays you
Quick links
The Buffer landing page
The validation process of Buffer was inspired by the lean startup principles as proposed by Eric Ries. The key takeaway Joel Gascoigne, co-founder at Buffer, took from Ries’ guide to Minimum Viable Products was that:

“A Minimum Viable Product should probably be much more minimum than you think”.

In this series, I’m going to show you how to recreate that exact minimum landing page.
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