Why ZebraFarm?

Unlike unicorns, zebras are real. 

In business terms, unicorns do exist and are well known as the Ubers, Facebooks and Deliveroos of our world. Reaching the $1 billion valuation and joining the unicorn club seems to be the dream of every entrepreneur. Yet, only about 0.07% of venture-backed consumer and enterprise software startups reach that goal

Being so well-known and rare makes unicorns all the more exciting. But we shouldn’t forget to ask important questions around profitability and sustainability. What are the long-term side-effects of unprofitable unicorns? And why do we give more attention to companies raising tons of investment before breaking even than those growing profitably from the start?

The thing is not every business has to become a unicorn. And not every entrepreneur has to try to create one. We believe that many people - like us - could make more impact (and be happier) by starting a side hustle that generates $100K a year or grow a multi-million business that is sustainable from the start and good for the community in the long term.

We call these businesses zebras. They focus on sustainability and user success over user acquisition. They don’t chase exponential growth with little regard to profitability. They take it a step at a time and improve their community.

At ZebraFarm we want to help you create and grow your zebra. Whether it’s a side hustle or a larger team, we want to support you in growing a sustainable and profitable cash flow. 

ZebraFarm was started by us, Ruben Portz and Lisa Makarova. We noticed that many first-time founders and startup employees are having similar questions and running into the same problems. We’ve worked with and in many startups ourselves helping them validate ideas, raise investment, expand internationally and grow into millions of users. 

We want to do the same with you and believe that the core of being able to build a zebra - profitable and sustainable cash flow - is having the right skills. 

We want to cherish a community that can help you develop these skills. No matter whether you’re working at a company and want to improve there, or start your own business, we want to support you in solving your challenges, and reach your business goals to grow the zebra herd.